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ZOO-Racing Hellcat - Ultralightweight

ZOO-Racing Hellcat - Ultralightweight

ZooRacing from Germany is busy adding more groundbreaking 190mm touring car body shells to their line-up with the latest creation being the Hellcat. The goal was to create a more efficient body with advanced aerodynamics that allow for aggressive cornering and yet a nailed rear end.

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Features: – CAD designed – Specialised high downforce/high efficiency body shell – Aggressive steering, high overall downforce for quick cornering especially in 13.5T Pro Stock and Modified racing classes and when running in medium to high-grip conditions – 10mm forward-placed front end and cabin for aggressive steering and improved rear end grip – Curved trunk section and rear wing for optimised rear stability and aerodynamics – Structured rear end for anti-tuck capabilities – Large wheel arches allow the body to be placed 4mm front or back (8mm in total) – Large wheel arches ensure the tyres will not rub in whatever position – Anti-tuck capabilities with structured side skirts – Static reinforcement on the hood. Especially useful when running the ultra lightweight variant – 0.5mm ultralight body weighs in at about 55g cut & including wing – 0.7mm standard body weighs in at about 83g cut & including wing – Detailed decal sheet – 2-step window masks – Wing mounting hardware – 100mm grid on the rear truck lid for easy and convenient body mounting – Designed to meed GBS rules


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